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3 Dec 20204 min read

3 reasons why Klarna wish lists are the smartest way to shop this Christmas.

Klarna K logo on pink background

by Klarna

It’s almost Christmas and for many the festive period is one of the most expensive times of the year. Sometimes it can feel easy to get tempted into a deal, carried away purchasing the perfect gift for a loved one (spending more than you planned) or, to lose track of time and wait until the last minute where you enter a panic buying frenzy.

At Klarna, we have a solution to festive shopping. We believe in sticking to your budget and always getting the best deals available. We also want to make sure that you gift and get what you love – after all, there’s nothing better than knowing your gift is just what someone was after.

So here’s how we help, and just 3 of the reasons why using the Klarna App and wish lists is the smartest way to shop this Christmas.

1. Make a list (and check it thrice).

Remember when you were young and an important Christmas milestone was making a list for Santa? Well, just because you’ve now grown up, it doesn’t mean this ritual should be forgotten. Creating a list is the best way to organise your spending and ensure you do not forget anything (or anyone)! By creating a list, you can also ensure that you stick to the budget you have created.

At Klarna we have recently launched wish lists in our app. So instead of writing down your plans, why not make them digital and see all the products you’re planning to buy in one place. There’s no limit, you can create a wish list for different people, and one for yourself, and add products from any UK retailers. You can also share it with your friends and family to make sure you get exactly what you would like, and don’t end up with three of the same things!

2. Price drop notifications.

Once upon a time, you would create a list and then have to search to find the best price (checking all those Black Friday deals as they go live!). There’s no doubt shopping around can save you money, so at Klarna we want to help you save even more, so you can get the items you want at the right price for you.

That’s why we have launched price drop notifications, that will pop up automatically for anything you save to your wish list. So sit back, relax and let us notify you when the price changes and you can then decide if this is the right product for you and if you would like to make a purchase.

3. Don’t panic buy!

Gift giving can be stressful, have you made the right choice, will they like it, where do you even start for that family member who has everything! If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than the Klarna App. We have pulled together wish lists for all interests, budgets and audiences.

Looking for the best eco gift, or maybe you’ve made a commitment to shop at small independents, not to worry, we have a team who knows what is trending, what people are hoping for and can inspire you.

So for no more last minute panic buying, here are some of our favourite lists to inspire you:

For more inspiration visit the Klarna App where you can find ‘Gifts for the sneaker enthusiast’, ‘Gifts for the beauty expert’, and many more.

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