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Trends & insights
Apr 27, 20211 min read

The empowerment economy.

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by Klarna

How small and independent retailers can win new customers.

Australia has a thriving independent retail sector. From fashion and footwear to furniture and electronics, small merchants are essential to our economy. But globalisation and e-commerce has opened the door to multinational and big box retail brands, while more recent disruptions of pandemic, bushfire and drought have intensified the challenge.

In the face of this environment, homegrown retailers need new strategies to attract and lock-in young consumers. But what is the new differentiator that can deliver your business the edge?

Get an inside look at the findings from our survey of Australian consumers and what matters most to them. In particular, explore the surprising findings about Gen Z and Millennial shoppers and how your business can capture their attention and loyalty.


Download the white paper ‘The empowerment economy’ here.