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Jul 2, 20202 min read

The Klarna app is downloaded 42,000 times per day. Here’s why.

Fredrik Thambert

by Fredrik Thambert

The Klarna app continues to grow in popularity. It currently has more than 16 million downloads globally, with an average of almost 42,000 downloads per day in May, making it one of the biggest shopping apps out there.

More and more consumers are choosing Klarna’s app as their favorite way to shop. It covers the whole journey, from finding the best deals to purchasing items from any online retailer and paying for them in the most flexible way. Our aim is to make online shopping as Smoooth as possible, and the growing success of the app proves that people appreciate it. Here are some numbers to back it up:

  • 1,3 million app downloads globally (IOS + Android) in May – an all time high. This means on average of close to 42,000 downloads per day.
  • More than 16 million downloads in total.
  • The app had over 11 million monthly active users globally in April (82% growth year on year).
  • Top-ranked among shopping apps in all markets where it’s available.

We are constantly adding new features to make sure that the app continues to be the best destination for shopping. One of the most popular is our wish lists. Klarna app users have added more than 2,7 million items to their wish lists since the feature became available in 2019.

How Klarna wish lists work.

Most of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to buy a certain item, but for some reason, we’re not ready to do it just yet. Klarna’s wish list feature is the perfect solution for those situations. Here, shoppers can pin products with a simple tap on their phone and purchase them at a later stage when the time is right.

Using the wish list feature is easy. Simply open the Klarna app and create a list of the things you crave for. You can also share your wish lists with friends and on social media. And best of all, you can set price drop notifications on all your items so you’ll know once it drops in price to make sure they don’t miss out on any great deals.

Haven’t tried our wish lists yet? Download the Klarna app and start pinning the products you desire.

Look out for the latest innovations from Klarna, here on our blog – The Extra O.

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