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27 Apr 20211 min read

Understanding online buying behaviours.

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by Klarna

How small and independent retailers can turn browsers into buyers.

Follow Klarna’s Content Editor, Kellie Hush, in our white paper from 2020 where she deep dives into four consumer segments that will reshape e-commerce strategies.

The first segment takes a passionate approach, and takes pleasure in the planning/researching stage of shopping – not just in the actual purchase or receiving the product.

Next segment takes an efficient approach, where shoppers are more rationally driven. These shoppers aren’t necessarily up for spending too much time on online shopping but use it frequently as a tool to get stuff they want for the best price and in the friction free way.

A third approach is the ad-hoc approach where shoppers are more emotionally driven and more inclined to use online shopping as a way to kill time when bored or simply when being triggered through ads, discounts or other communication.

Lastly, she takes us through the mindful approach, with more rationally driven and less savvy shoppers. This group consists of less experienced and cautious shoppers who won’t make hasty decisions in their online shopping.

Based on these four segments, the white paper explores some key shopping trends and which trends that might stand out to each consumer group.


Download the white paper here.

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