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May 17, 20221 min read

Video series: Bold moves in retail.

Klarna K logo on pink background

by Klarna

Klarna and Inside Retail presents ‘Bold Moves’, a video series in four parts where you get to know some of the industry’s brightest minds, and what bold moves helped them reach success. You’ll hear about the boldest tips for how to build a successful brand from four different aspects. We’ll be talking about fail-fast culture, sustainability, equality, as well as the boldest tips for how to thrive in retail.

Episode 1.
Benjamin Young (Frank Green), Julia Kay (Great wrap) and Matt Foley (Klarna) share insights on how innovative products can help solve the climate crisis.

Episode 2.
Meet two extraordinary brands that are paving the way for equality and inclusion as James Bartle (Outland Denim) and Kristy Chong (ModiBody) share their insights on Bold Moves.

Episode 3.
Eric Morris from Brand Collective shares what it takes to survive and thrive in retail, and what bold moves can be made to reach success.

Episode 4.
Tyler Condon and Angus Sladden from Klarna share stories on why a fail-fast culture is key to keeping up with customers, and what bold moves businesses are expected to make in the near future.

Watch the full series.

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