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Going global.

Overcoming the most significant challenges when expanding to a new market.

BigCommerce / Klarna. For Business

The next two years will see a significant upheaval for retailers, with 20% of all online sales expected to be cross-border. For retailers looking to expand, that creates a whole new set of challenges they’ve probably not worried about before. Navigating the global market can be challenging. Where should you begin, and what do you need to keep in mind before considering expansion?

Understanding the dynamics and logistics involved in global trade is complex. Having a specialised partner with the right expertise and ecosystems to harmonise your offering can be necessary, so you can focus on what you do best—building your business.

Klarna is in 20 markets with 46 offices in 28 cities worldwide and leverages this global scale to help retailers get that knowledge and local understanding of a new region. By providing both payments and marketing solutions, Klarna can support retailers both from a checkout and audience perspective, tailor making the solution according to the retailer’s needs, big and small.

BigCommerce allows you to sell anywhere, offering international payment providers like Klarna, native language support, and multi-currency functionality that supports 100+ currencies for a localised experience. Whether the focus is cross-border selling, entering into global markets, or even testing multiple markets at once through marketplaces, BigCommerce has you covered.

The true potential of selling online is the ability to reach shoppers worldwide, but not every e-commerce platform gives you what you need to do that. Klarna teamed up with BigCommerce to answer some of the most common questions retailers have when entering a new market.

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