Time to migrate to Magento Commerce 2.

Integrate your digital and physical shopping experience.

Your online store won’t stop working when Magento Commerce 1 is retired on June 30, but it could mean no further updates, support, or security coverage.

Magento Commerce 2 comes with Klarna as a vendor bundled extension so don’t give your competitors any advantages by not having access to cutting-edge web performance solutions.

We talked to Magento Commerce System Integrators about why migration is a good idea, what you have to do, and how to make it as smoooth as possible.

Six expert tips to aid your migration.

  1. Make a plan today
  2. Review and clean your data
  3. Decide which features you use, and which you don’t
  4. See it as a fresh start
  5. Don’t try and do it all at once
  6. Check your checkout

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