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Grow your reach with the world’s greatest shoppers.

Klarna’s ads and sponsored content put your message in front of our engaged, loyal, and continually growing consumers:

high-intent shoppers.

impressions served weekly.

A better way to promote your brand.

Reach the right customers.

Reach the right customers.

Segmented targeting capabilities ensure your brand gets in front of the people you are most looking to attract.

Optimize for future campaigns.

Optimise for future campaigns.

Optimise your campaigns, and have our team on your side as an extension of your marketing team. Take your campaigns to the next level by leveraging our expertise.

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Create a tailored plan.

Take advantage of our highly skilled team to strategically determine which placements will generate the most ROI, while also meeting your brands objectives.

We offer a variety of premium ads and sponsored content in Klarna’s owned and operated properties that promotes what is important to your brand.

Brands, products, or deals.

Showcase your brand by directing users straight to your website homepage, to a product page via the in-app browser, or to a featured deal.


Highlight a collection of 20 or more products in front of millions of Klarna shoppers with a prominent position on the app.

Used by some of the world’s leading brands.

Ready to grow your customer reach?