Data privacy at Klarna.

Klarna takes the privacy of its customers and merchants seriously. This page sets out and explains Klarna's role with you as a merchant, where we both have independent relationships with a customer for our respective personal information usage.

Separate and individual customer relationships.

When a customer makes a purchase from you using any of Klarna's payment methods, certain information about the customer is collected (e.g. name and email address). When finalising the transaction, the customer accepts both your and Klarna’s terms (including each party’s privacy policy and collection notice), thereby entering into a relationship both with you as a merchant (for buying your products or services) and with Klarna (for using Klarna's payment methods), separately.

Your products/services.

You as a merchant may need parts of this information on the customers we have in common to manage your relationship with those customers - for example in order to ship the goods, confirm delivery or administer the customer relationship. When you handle this information it will be subject to your terms. As a merchant, you are responsible for making sure the information is handled in line with legal requirements, such as the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles, and any other relevant privacy regulation.

Klarna's payment methods.

Klarna also needs this information to manage our relationship with the customers - we need to manage the customers' payments and administer our customer relationships. When we use this information it is subject to our terms. We are then also responsible for making sure the information is handled in line with all applicable legal requirements.

Separate data processing.

This means that both you and Klarna have a separate, direct relationship to our common customers and are individually responsible for our respective personal information usage and/or disclosure. Neither you nor Klarna are processing any customer information on behalf of the other. This is also reflected in our merchant agreement.


To ensure that our customers' user journey is smoooth, efficient and transparent, it's important that you as a merchant integrate our products correctly and in line with the instructions given by Klarna on and elsewhere.

Read Klarna's full privacy policy for consumers here.