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Navigating Needs.

The path to profit in eCommerce.

Consumers might seem complicated sometimes. But while everyone is different, we’re all united by a core set of needs that mimic our basic human requirements – from the need to feel safe and valued, to a hunger for enriched experiences.

Retailers must understand these needs in order to satisfy them. In a post-Covid-19 world, this becomes more important than ever.

Report navigation needs

We have the insights.

Download the 'Navigating needs' report.

This paper outlines the different aspects of consumer needs and the components required to deliver exceptional experiences. Drawn from insights into 1160 Australian shoppers, we reveal the turn ons and turn offs at each stage of the shopping process. We offer advice on how retailers can navigate each need to better connect with customers, drive sales and create an army of advocates to help create future growth.

Download the report.

Discover the different aspects of consumer needs to deliver exceptional experiences.

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