Does this require a credit check and will it impact my credit score?

When you choose to pay through in-app shopping, we will perform a semi-hard credit check for the first attempt to create a One-time card. We will be able to use this credit check for 90 days. If you would attempt another purchase after 90 days or if you change your address in our app, we will perform another credit check.

This semi-hard credit check will be visible on your credit report, but does not directly affect your credit score. It may still affect your ability to be eligible for credit at other parties, as they can see the credit inquiry on your report and may use it to base their decision on.

As a responsible lender, we don’t want to grant credit to customers who may have difficulties paying it. For that reason, we do a credit check if we need more information on our customers, to make sure that the customer can afford the debt.

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