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What happens if I return my purchase?

We’ve got you covered! If the store you purchased from issues a return credit for the full purchase amount back to the One-time card, any payments already made will be refunded to your original payment method and your remaining payments will be cancelled. If the store credits less than the full purchase amount, the order balance will be updated. If the return credit causes the order to be overpaid, the overpaid amount will be automatically refunded to your original payment method. Otherwise, your upcoming payments will continue to be collected until the remaining balance is paid off. You can check the status of return credits and refunds anytime by logging into the Klarna app.


If I make a return without a receipt and receive a store credit, do I still have to make the remaining Klarna payments?
Returns made without a receipt might receive a store credit, according to the retailer’s return policy. Your upcoming payments will continue to be collected by Klarna until the remaining balance is paid off.


How do I return if I originally paid with Klarna in-store?
If you paid using Klarna via a card in your Google Pay wallet then the return is made just like a regular digital card:

1. Select your Klarna digital card in your Google Pay wallet
2. Tap your phone on the payment terminal

The refund will be applied to your Klarna account within 72 hours, following the above described refund terms.

Good to know: The majority of stores should allow you to tap your Google Pay card to initiate a refund. If you do encounter a store that requests to see a physical card – you can find the original card details by opening the Klarna app. Click on the “My Klarna” tab and select “One-time cards” to find the card you made the original purchase with.

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