Turn your code into art.

On the 1st of June, Klarna will exhibit truly beautiful code and honor it as art. Do you want to be part of the exhibition? Submit your open source code or nominate someone else’s. Selected pieces will be curated and exhibited in a gallery for the world to see. It’s time for code to go from backend to front end. Literally.

Pick a programming language, and type in your code below:

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What is Klarna’s Code Art Exhibition?

Klarna’s Code Art Exhibition is an initiative to honor coding as one of the fine arts—just like painting, literature, or music. This, by having a chosen jury to select the most beautiful code pieces and have them turned into real art by neon artist Josefin Eklund.

Art gallery

The code art will be exhibited both in a Stockholm-based art gallery and in a digital video on site.

Time: 1st of June, 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Place: Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm

Accelerate your career at Klarna

It takes highly creative code to craft the world’s smooothest shopping experience. At Klarna, we’re always on the lookout for bold and brave engineers to disrupt the financial sector with cutting-edge risk assessment, fraud detection solutions, and the next generation of shopping apps. There’s no limit to what disruptors can do. Want to find your moment in the middle of ours?