May 14, 20203 min read

5 years in and I’m still learning all the time.


by Klarna

Meet Brian Brady –

– I grew up in a rural town in Midwest America, where people aren’t challenged enough to accomplish their dreams. They prefer to “Play it safe” or “To not stray too far” – that’s where Klarna changed my outlook.

Brian joined Klarna 5 years ago and is currently based in our office in Columbus, Ohio where he is a Senior Accounting Manager in the Financial Reporting domain. His proudest Klarna accomplishments so far range from internalizing US Accounting shortly after joining, to supporting the launches of several products and leading his current team as both Accountable and Competence lead.

How did Klarna change your outlook on those rural town mottos?

– Every day at Klarna is about challenging the status quo – it’s one of our Leadership Principles. There’s always a different challenge with a different set of people – I’m constantly learning on the job. The reward of leaving a place where I was comfortable has been a role where I’m developing on a daily basis.

How do you best meet the daily challenges?

– It takes true grit and determination to succeed at Klarna – there’s no handbook that will prepare you for the journey. But Klarna is the best place to work if you meet the challenges with passion, courage, a thirst for knowledge and the ability to communicate with your colleagues from across the globe. This creates a workplace where so much more is possible.

What stands out across your 5 years at Klarna?

– Forward-thinking – it’s never about looking back in our roles. I’ve worked on so many projects and met so many awesome people on this journey. I’ve also had great managers at Klarna who have helped expand my Accounting knowledge – I am so thankful for them.


Klarna career path

Brian’s own career path.

And for the next 5 years?

– Well, you never know exactly what the future holds. But I’ve seen first-hand how Klarna is great at preparing employees for their next big challenge. And one of my long-term dreams is to own a small business, preferably a wine shop, where I can curate products from the finest regions of the world and give back to a hometown that deserves so much more. So I hope that I’ll be able to fulfill that dream one day!

Want to work somewhere that will challenge you and keep you learning? We have several open job positions in Columbus, New York, and Los Angeles.