Dec 3, 20193 min read

Customer service is more than you might expect.


by Klarna

What is one of the most memorable fraud cases you’ve dealt with?

– We once had a case where someone had fraudulently bought 100 red roses. We did some digging and found the girlfriend of the suspected purchaser who had posted herself with the roses on social media. She had no idea about where they had come from; she was just overjoyed with the gesture from her loving boyfriend. Unfortunately we had clear evidence that this maybe isn’t the man of her dreams!

We’re obsessed with our customers. We want to be there for them through the good and the bad, sickness and health. We’ve built a world class service team that’s dedicated to guiding and protecting our customers wherever they need us and gives our people the opportunity to become specialists, like Johan Engelgren. He joined Klarna 4 years ago and has worked on handling Fraud cases in one way or another since day one. After starting as an agent, he quickly progressed to process expert as a Service Specialist and is now part of the Fraud Loss Recovery team. Before meeting Johan, you might have expected that our Customer Service domain only handled phone calls and chats. But Johan, along with his colleagues, use analytical skills to make judgments on fraud cases and take advantage of data to mark trends on behalf of our Analysts. We’re full of all kinds of specialists in our Customer Service domain. And we’re full of surprises too, aren’t we?

Were you particularly drawn to helping people with fraud cases before joining Klarna?

– Not especially. I had never really imagined working with fraud but that’s where the opening was when I applied. However, I find it really interesting so I guess that was a lucky coincidence! I think it’s an intriguing field, the cases are varied and challenging. As a fraud agent you have to be a detective with the goal of finding out who placed this order and who should pay.

So after 4 years of fraud work, how do you keep open and neutral?

– Well, I’d say that I’m a naive person, I always think the best of people. This role has forced me to question things a lot more. But I’m still very naive! I believe in the goodness of people and I still want to!

What’s the major difference between your first and current role?

– We have a bigger view on what’s going on with fraud trends. There’s more analyzing data and looking at the causes for fraud. There’s more stakeholders involved and decisions have to be taken on a weekly basis to combat it. Fraud is ever changing unfortunately, a lot of fraudsters are clever so they find new ways to break the law. It’s a constant battle to figure out how to stop them so we sit with a lot of data and try to analyze the numbers, which is something I’d never done before either.

So despite using a lot of analytical skills, your competence is Service. How come?

– That’s because we’re offering service to an internal domain and then in turn we provide service for our external customers. Service at Klarna is varied and can represent service to both internal and external stakeholders. In our case, analysts dealing with fraud policy need help servicing fraud disputes. We use different kinds of skills to ensure that the minority of customers who are subject to fraud receive help right now from people who are service minded. Service is a spectrum!

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