Nov 20, 20193 min read

Dare to be courageous at Klarna and you’ll find a world of possibilities.


by Klarna

Photo: Tomas Björlin-Svozil

How many roles have you had during your 4 years at Klarna?

– Including this current position, it’s now been 6.

At Klarna we champion our people to jump in and take courage in the face of new and exciting opportunities. Jonas Cumselius and his story is an example of what’s possible in a work environment that can meet your ambition to develop through showing a ‘can-do attitude’ and positively accepting new responsibilities. Over the course of his 4 years with us, he’s had 6 different roles and utilized his competence in analytics in a wide range of areas at the company. He first started in the Commercial wing of Klarna, optimizing sales processes before supporting the implementation of our Operating Model. Jonas is currently an Accountable Lead within the Financial Steering domain, as well as a Competence Lead for 7 Klarnauts in other domains. After running through his accomplishments from the past 4 years, we were curious to know how he grabbed the chance to move from role to role within Klarna.

What are your tips for handling an environment with lots of change?

– I think it’s a lot about the people around you. It’s important to make sure that your network feels stable and feel that you have people you trust around you, which I’m happy to say I have found at Klarna.

– Additionally, while you might not have the full picture ahead of you or the roadmap for the full year, it’s important to understand the short term goal. As long as you come to work and feel that you know what you’re gonna do for a short period of time, I think that’s enough – at least for me.

What were the highest highs and the lowest lows in your journey so far?

– In an organization where we experience rapid growth, you don’t always get clear responsibilities and sometimes the organization has a hard time catching up on what everyone is supposed to do. This is why your relationships are so important; they can be the only stable part of your day at times.

– But as a curious person, interested in what’s going to happen next, I like to face new challenges and that has helped me to grow both professionally and privately. I would say that the balancing act of being able to cope with the changes and take advantage of the situations and opportunities that are being given to you, will help you go really far, especially within Klarna.

What have you learnt about Klarna’s vision through your various roles within the company?

– What we want to do is transfer the power from the large corporations to the consumer, and empower consumers to make fast and informed decisions. And at Klarna it’s all about our customers. My part in this is to enable the management and the organization to translate their vision into financial numbers in order for Klarna to reach even more customers. Naturally, I think that my team is super important as we are building the models to provide estimations of these financial numbers, and the Financial Steering Domain is able to present to our management, board and investors where we are headed.

So now you’ve read how a career with us is full of possibilities, it’s time to get the ball rolling. We’re looking for Analysts!