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Put Your Knowledge into Practice – Klarna Graduate Program 2022


by Klarna

Uni is over, what next? Unlimit your possibilities as a graduate.

Here’s the deal: at Klarna, we are really having a moment. We’re revolutionizing shopping, payments, and banking. And the world is taking note. 

Among those folks witnessing our hypergrowth, we know there are tons of bold, curious, and driven final-year students and recent graduates looking for their next golden pink opportunity. 

The good news? Starting from today, the applications are open for our 2022 Graduate Program across our various teams and locations. We invite you all to put your knowledge into practice and help solve real business problems, so you can learn on the fly and fast-track your professional growth. 


What roles did we open?

You can now browse and apply to dozens of roles across different competences (what other – more boring – companies would call departments), here are just some of them: 


📈 Accounting roles based in Stockholm

👩🏽‍💻 Business Operations based in Stockholm or Berlin 

📱 Product roles based across Stockholm and Berlin 

⚙️ Solutions & Delivery roles based across Stockholm and Berlin 

💻 Engineering roles in Stockholm, Berlin, Giessen, Milan, Madrid, Gothenburg and Mannheim 


Who can apply for the Graduate Program?

To qualify for the program, you must have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, or postgraduate degree and a maximum of 3 years of working experience.

We welcome applicants from all over the world, but please be aware that we expect successful applicants to be physically present in the location of their team for the duration of the program. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean working from the office all of the time, most of our teams employ a hybrid model with a few days of work from home combined with some days of working from one of our unreasonably aesthetic offices)


What is the Timeline? 📆

For all teams besides the Engineering ones: Applications close on the 13th of May, and successful candidates will start their roles in August 2022.

For graduates joining one of our Engineering teams: Applications close on the 1st of June. Successful candidates in Stockholm will start their role in August 2022, while those based in Berlin, Milan, and Giessen will begin in October 2022.


What’s in it for the graduates joining us? 

There are many benefits we have in store for the bright talents looking to start their graduate careers at Klarna. Here are some of them, in very short: 

Diversity & Community 

When you join Klarna’s Graduate Program, you become part of a diverse and welcoming community.

Impact & a Fast-tracked Growth 

In 12 months, you will have the chance to take ownership of solving real business challenges across two different problem spaces. 

This will not only allow you to see your tangible impact in multiple areas of the business but will also ensure a fast-tracked growth and learning experience in line with your development ambitions.

Challenges & Rewards 

Here, you will be challenged. Every day we work to solve the industry’s biggest problems. It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding.

To help you stay focused, we put together a great benefits package: from wellness subsidies to access to our exciting office perks and events – we got you covered.

Trust & Collaboration

When you join Klarna, you not only enter one company, but an ecosystem of  600+ teams that fuel our growth through real teamwork, mentorship, trust, and collaboration. 

Check out each job description for a more in-depth look at the benefits waiting for you when you join us.


Three young professionals, klarna graduate program participants

From left to right: David, Valeryia, and Olle – past participants in our Graduate Program

Don’t listen to us. Listen to our past participants. 

We could go on forever talking about how great of an opportunity our graduate program is. But there are better people who can testify to that – our previous participants. Here is what some of them are saying: 

“The Graduate Program opened an opportunity for me to join a tech company without having any technical background. Klarna is a place where I can apply my passion for business consulting and problem solving, and develop my technical skills at the same time.” – says Valeryia, a graduate working in Solutions & Delivery. 

David, who joined a team within Product Management as a graduate, told us: 

“The Graduate Program at Klarna allowed me to join an exciting and challenging company, without having a ton of experience in the field of BNPL/Super Apps. At the same time, it helped me recognize my appetite to learn and grow through my own irregular career path.”

We also asked Olle, a graduate working in Business Operations, how he’s found the experience. Here’s what he said: 

“The Klarna Graduate program has really given me the opportunity to deep-dive into my interests while also stepping out of my comfort zone. And to be given this kind of ownership and accountability in my work has helped me grow a lot!”


Please note: As of 28/04/2022, the Analytics, Business Development, and Marketing competences will no longer accept applications for the Graduate Program opportunities previously advertised. Nevertheless, we encourage you to explore other roles within these competences, which you can find on the page linked below.

So, do you want to know more about the roles available? 

Say no more! But do read more. Where? At the link below.