May 11, 20211 min read

High school graduates get the chance to become engineers at Klarna.


by Klarna

Klarna engineering has started a collaboration with Tekniksprånget and will give two talented high school graduates the chance to try the role as an engineer at Klarna.

“It is an excellent opportunity to discover how it is to work as an engineer at Klarna. Tekniksprånget is a project that sparks more interest in the engineering profession, which is an ambition we share”, says Sara Franzén, Org developer in CTO teams at Klarna.


Woman rides the bike

Sara Franzén, Org developer in the Stockholm office.


Tekniksprånget (Technology Leap) is an internship program to inspire young people to study technical education. It is run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) at the request of the Swedish Government. 8 out of 10 interns want to be engineers after they complete their internship – half of them are women.

Sara continues: “Two high school graduates will get the chance to join us. We want to inspire them while also giving them real challenges. In fact, during their first couple of days at Klarna, they will start together with our engineering graduates. That means that they will be sitting next to talents with both academic and professional experience. We do not expect the same proficiency, but we want to see the same growth mindset.”


About the program:
Start in August 2021, ends in December 2021.
Read more and apply at tekniksprå by latest May 16th 2021.