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Dec 23, 20193 min read

How to nail your Klarna interview.

Ritas tips how to nail Klarna interview

by Rita Azevedo

Photo: Sabino Armas

Klarna is growing larger and faster than ever before and as you’ll already have seen, there’s no better time to get on board. So here’s what you need to know to fast-track your way into Klarna.

My name is Rita and I joined the Klarna about a year ago.

Working at Klarna is truly a fun roller coaster, every day is different; We have the special mission to equip Klarna, not only with the best talent in the market, but also with individuals that fit with our mission and values and want to help Klarna achieve and sustain its fast growth.

Recruitment is a big priority at Klarna and we’ve had to find a model that supports our organization to hire high quality fast, while making sure we also deliver the best experience to our candidates and hiring managers.

Klarna’s hiring process is quite unique. Instead of applying to a specific job with a specific description, you apply for an open “pipeline”.

A pipeline is not a specific role, nor is it a process for recruiting. A pipeline is a defined general profile of a candidate that could be suitable for a variety of teams across a domain or competence. With the pipeline concept, we hope to stay open and place the right candidates in the right teams, instead of restricting your options as an applicant. We have 14 competences at Klarna (such as Marketing and Engineering) and have one or several pipelines for each of them. This helps us to fill the company needs while targeting and supporting candidates in a more organized way.

This model has helped us to manage high volume, as we get around 12 000-15 000 applications every quarter. That is why I’ve decided to make your life easier and give you some tips on how to fast-track your way into Klarna.

The most important advice I can give you as a candidate is to do your homework. Make sure you read up on Klarna even if you already recognize our brand. We want to understand what motivates you to potentially join us and by being prepared, we understand that you are proactive and willing to be in the driving seat!

We truly live up to our Leadership Principles so make sure you read them before meeting us and think about how you are working today in relation to these crucial behaviors. What are you good at, where do you want to develop and how can you contribute to the Klarna journey?

There’s no need to rush through your interviews. Take your time, provide examples to back up your points, and just be yourself. Be curious. Take the recruitment process as a learning experience and make sure to ask questions during the interviews. Everyone is really friendly will appreciate your curiosity!

We handle a large amount of applicants so don’t take slow response times personally. You can always email us and we will be happy to inform you about the status of your application.

One of the reasons I joined Klarna was the experience I had and the people I met during the interview process. I felt comfortable even when I didn’t have the perfect answer to questions. Just remember, we have all been there before. We strive to ensure that every candidate receives a quality experience with us, so all you need to do is follow these tips and be yourself.

We look forward to receiving your application soon and I hope to see you soon as a future Klarnaut!

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