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Klarna ceo Sebastian

by Sebastian Siemiatkowski

Klarna is growing like never before.

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve skyrocketed to the global stage thanks to payments and banking products that give our customers more control over their time. Our recent massive headline – we’re now the biggest private fintech in Europe. And it all starts with our employees, who, like our empowered customers, have freedom and control to steer their work based on our hierarchy upending structure. Sounds interesting? You’re damn right it is. Keep reading to see what we’ve got cooking.

But first, here is a little about why we do what we do.

Modern living can feel like a balancing act at times; there’s more choice available to us than ever before. It’s an exciting challenge but one that we at Klarna don’t want to make any more complicated.

Thank you for choosing to shop with Klarna.
Now what do you want to do with the rest of your day?

We provide our customers with simple and safe payment and banking services so that they can put their effort elsewhere. Because the most important thing we can offer our customers is the return and control over their own time.

It’s taken a lot of work to make our products feel simple and easy to use at every interaction. We like to start with a small idea and get it going as quickly as possible which has led to both successes and failures. But after years of practice and by continuously improving, refining and a little more perfecting to make things simpler and better, we’ve just hit a huge milestone.

We’ve recently secured additional funding of $460 million and a revised company valuation of $5.5 billion. That makes us the largest private fintech in Europe (not to mention the 5th biggest globally) and puts us in a great position to continue elevating our products for our existing customers and the half a million new customers we gain monthly. This new investment means a 250% increase in our valuation since the beginning of the year.

Those were a lot of big numbers so I’ll boil that down to what all of this means – we’re growing. Like crazy. And if you’re reading this because you’re intrigued about life at Klarna, this growth might be especially exciting for you because we’re hiring. In fact, we hire around 100 people a month and we’re ramping up to make sure it’s closer to 110 by year’s end.

Our people are at the core of this incredible expansion. We currently consist of over 2500 employees, representing over 85 nationalities across 16 markets (with more to come) and equipped with competences from engineering to design and product to service. We’re a diverse and awesome bunch.

We’ve always sought to empower our people and we’ve introduced a revolutionary operating model to do just that. But more about that to come in future posts. All I’ll say for now is that our growth is down to the skill and investment of our employees and our work structure rewards that with even more opportunity to grow and develop.
You could say it’s like an inbuilt positive feedback machine.

And with the new investment of $460 million, you can bet that machine is in overdrive.

We promise our customers control of their time through world-class products.
We promise our employees the possibility to make their mark.
We’re growing, now’s the time to apply.
Be a part of this journey, join Klarna.

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