Oct 1, 20201 min read

Klarna supports Time to Vote initiative.


by Klarna

At Klarna we believe that every voice matters, and are therefore committed to helping our employees exercise their right to vote. The 2020 US election faces unique challenges as the global pandemic continues to keep people at home, and removing barriers to vote is especially important this year. Therefore, we want to ensure that all of our US employees have time to participate in the election, without having to choose between going to work and casting their ballots, and have decided to:

  • Give US employees four hours to vote or volunteer at polling sites on Election Day (November 3)
  • Make Election Day a “no meeting” day in the US to give employees the flexibility in their schedules to go to the polls

By taking these steps, we want to show our commitment to supporting our employees in making their voices heard.

We have also joined the Time to Vote initiative, a business-led, nonpartisan coalition that aims to increase voter participation in the US election. More than 1,300 companies have joined the initiative, representing millions of US workers.

For more information about Time to Vote, please visit: https://www.maketimetovote.org/

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