Mar 28, 20223 min read

My first months at Klarna: Interview with an Engineering Manager.


by Klarna

Meet Sibi, engineering manager, as he embarks on this new journey with us at our product development hub in Toronto. 

Hello Sibi. You have now completed your second month at our Toronto hub. Congratulations! How do you feel? 

Honestly, I am genuinely very happy to be here. My team, the first product development team in Toronto, plays a big role in delivering value for the new Toronto hub. My role is both challenging, fun, and exciting, and it’s been a great opportunity for me to have a big impact as Klarna’s presence grows in Canada.

What made you decide to join Klarna? 

Overall, the fintech industry is something that really interests me. And Klarna as a company thinks differently than the big banks in Canada and really provides value for their customers. 

Additionally, during my interview process, I had a chance to meet many interesting people who made me feel very welcome and comfortable. This really helped throughout the recruitment process!

That’s really good insight, thank you. So what do you enjoy the most so far working at Klarna? 

The people I would say. All Klarnauts I have been in contact with are extremely responsive and really want to help one another. I believe the operating model (the horizontal structure we use at Klarna) is an important factor in this willingness to help one another.

How exciting is it to be part of Klarna’s first product development hub in North America? Do you feel you are being challenged and have an opportunity to grow? 

Klarna has really embarked on a remarkable journey and has ambitious goals for the future. I am humbled to be part of this journey and to be given the opportunity to contribute from the Toronto hub.


Picture of Sibi Chakravarthy

Sibi Chakravarthy, Engineering Manager


What do you aspire to become? Is there something you are unreasonably passionate about?

I am motivated by making a true impact. If I can create a product that provides real value to the customers, and, at the same time build successful teams, I know I am at the right place. I feel really inspired by those situations.

Nice, seems like you’re on the right track then! So what advice do you have for others who aspire to become part of the Klarna?

Klarna is an organization where people who are eager, enjoy problem-solving, and are self-starters will really thrive. 

As an engineer at Klarna, you are not only expected to write code but actually initiate your own ideas and run with them.

If you’re one of the people out there with the kind of growth positive mindset that we love here at Klarna, don’t be shy. We have an array of career opportunities ready and set for you to unlimit your possibilities with us now. Apply here!