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Next stop: Gothenburg.


by Klarna

Marcus Granström, Senior Engineering Director and Project Leader for the Gothenburg expansion

What does it take to create the world’s smooothest shopping experience? Really talented people working together. That’s why we’ve created several Product Development Hubs, where we gather hundreds of engineers and tech professionals to innovate and scale our business. As a part of our growth journey, we’re excited to share the news of our next upcoming hub – in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We met with Marcus Granström, Senior Engineering Director, who will lead the expansion to Gothenburg. What can we expect from this? And what tricks does he have in his sleeve from successfully launching Klarna’s Product Development Hub in Berlin?

Hello Marcus. Why are you opening up a hub in Gothenburg?

Klarna is on a steep growth journey, and to succeed we’re looking to hire talent in new locations. That’s why we’ve expanded to so many new cities lately, and why we’re opening up another hub in the country where it all started. We’ve been looking at different locations and find Gothenburg especially appealing. There’s a lot of talent in this city that we want to reach, and in the past, we’ve had a lot of promising candidates from the region.

Do you expect a similar journey as the one you had when the hub in Berlin was opened?

The early phase of kicking off our hub in Berlin was super exciting. In a way, it was like everyone knew everyone, and I think I’ll enjoy that in Gothenburg as well. Joining a new location this early on its development makes it possible for the early starters to have a lot of impact on the culture and on the work environment.

Working at Klarna in general is super dynamic and challenging. You will always be able to reach the next level of your career. And since we’re growing and scaling so quickly, there’s a lot of opportunity for high performers who are dedicated to their work. They will always get rewarded for their efforts – regardless of whether they work in Berlin, Madrid, or here in Gothenburg.

What work will be done in Gothenburg?

I am leading the Merchant Foundations Domain, and initially, we are going to set up new teams in Gothenburg. In a nutshell, our domain strives to provide the best possible products and services to merchants and partners throughout the entire lifecycle. But very soon, I am anticipating more domains and teams to join us. A similar approach played out very well in Berlin.

Who should apply to our new hub?

Just like always, we are looking for product-focused engineers. More precisely, we want people who take pride in – and get excited about – helping our customers. That being said, we hire a wide diversity of people both in terms of personality and skills. So I don’t think there is one mold that fits everyone. We’re open to everyone who shares our leadership principle of customer obsession.

When do you start hiring?

Right now! We have several positions open, and we’ll continuously add more to our career site. So keep an eye open and stay tuned, we might have your best new role.

Apply now: here

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