Apr 30, 20203 min read

We progress through uncertainty with data and courage.


by Klarna

What’s something you’ve seen time and again at Klarna?

– We’re always navigating with copious amounts of uncertainty. You counter that by constantly reassessing your current position and your direction. And you push for decisions to be driven by data as much as possible. The way I see it, that’s what differentiates courage from recklessness.

Despite joining Klarna just over a year ago, Diogo Simoes has had plenty of experience facing uncertainty with as much data and courage available. Diogo is an Engineering Manager in the Servicing domain and currently based in one of our product development hubs in Berlin. He joined as an Accountable and Competence Lead but recently added Accountable Group Lead responsibilities for a small group of teams within the domain. That means he plays a crucial role in supporting the deliveries of several teams and the professional growth of multiple engineers. It’s a lot of work but as he went on to tell us, he relishes working with those around him.

What motivates you about your job?

– I will take the risk of sounding completely cliché and answer – the people. I do enjoy the thrills of a good engineering problem but I am ultimately driven by the challenge of leading a group of highly talented individuals and shaping them into a high performing, healthy team.

Can you give us an example of pushing forward through uncertainty?

– I have plenty! Most recently, I became the Competence Lead of a new team that was added to our domain. We were tasked with developing a new platform to run some of the policies written by our fraud prevention teams. We were set a tight deadline but it has been a fantastic and exciting journey so far, and I expect the team to meet the deadline and have a solid product by the end of the month. That would be absolutely fabulous! I mean, what better way to celebrate 1 year at Klarna, then with the launch of another new great product, right?

Absolutely! So how would you characterize your first year at Klarna?

– In retrospect, it was a pretty full-on year I have Klarna to thank for, with lots of learning and lots of growth. Will I be here in a year’s time saying the same thing about my sophomore year? I can’t say yet. But I already know how it’s starting, with more responsibility and ever more challenges. Let that be an omen for another intense and rewarding year.


Diogo's career path

Diogo’s own career path.

Any specific challenges that you’re still looking for?

– It’s always been my dream to be entrusted with the direction of a Formula 1 team. I don’t know, maybe at some point, I will be able to convince our CEO Sebastian to invest in an F1 racing team and to appoint me as team principal. I can already see it, that glorious pink valkyrie of a car crossing the finish line to a maniacally waved chequered flag…


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