Feb 3, 20203 min read

When Klarna needs to make progress fast, we LEAP.


by Klarna

What was life before Klarna like?

– At previous companies I’ve been told to slow down. But Klarna embraces speed and dares me to run fast. It’s challenging, and I love it.

Catarina Bergelli has seen what speed really means at Klarna. Since joining the company 2 years ago, she’s taken the irregular path from Business Analyst to Delivery Manager and to her current role as a Product Manager. That’s 3 roles representing 3 separate competencies at Klarna – no small feat. And as part of her growth, Catarina has taken part in 3 iterations of our super-powered boost function at Klarna – LEAPs. These special short term teams distinguish themselves in the landscape of our company of roadmapped start-ups. LEAPs are comprised of subject experts that tackle a specific topic Klarna needs to make rapid progress on. Once they have concluded their work and presented their recommendations, the members of the team join or rejoin a start-up. In Catarina’s case, one successful LEAP led to 2 more.

Tell us more about the LEAPs you were involved in.

– The first one focused on the merchant experience, then on the customer experience and finally on employee experience. I loved that each LEAP worked with making things better for our merchants, customers, and employees, and approached it from their perspective. I was able to see that customer obsession is really something that Klarna cares about, from the top to the bottom of the company.

What’s it like being on a LEAP?

– It is super exciting to be in a LEAP! You spend 100% of your time on a clear issue and try to find ways for Klarna to solve big challenges in a good and relatively short time. Lots of work, lots of fun.

How did your time on LEAPs align with your career goals?

– Well, my career goals are to always feel that I enjoy my time at work and that I’m constantly learning and developing. I love being part of creating things that give value to our customers. That’s the key for me – to feel I’m doing something for the better. So you could say they aligned pretty well!


Catarina’s own career path.

What impact has your irregular path at Klarna had on your career?

– I’m incredibly proud and grateful for the different things I’ve done at Klarna and how much I’ve learned in each role. It makes my work as a Product Manager easier and gives me a better understanding of the different parts of the company. My journey has also given me a great network. I’ve worked with the best people from a lot of different competencies; Analysts, Commercial, Marketing, Org & Lead, Service, and more.

How else has your time at Klarna supported your development?

– At Klarna you get rewarded for your hard work with new and exciting opportunities. It’s something that happens time and again – I see that the best and hardest working people get rewarded. Klarna might not be for everyone, but if you like an international, fast-paced environment and a performance culture with a lot of opportunities, you will really love it here.

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