Legal & GPO


It’s no secret, we operate in a heavily regulated industry and this keeps Klarna’s legal team on their toes. Seemingly always ahead of the game the agile, focused and highly dependable nature of the team make it possible for Klarna to stay sharp and everyone secure. We’re a team represented in Stockholm, Columbus and Munich providing legal advice in forever changing environments, across all product lines. This may seem daunting to some, but exhilarating to us.

Global Privacy Office

Being a data driven company we understand the importance in handling data securely to build trust with customers, merchants and regulators. We might be one of the smaller departments at Klarna, but as one of the biggest privacy teams in Sweden we are heard and believe that the privacy framework is a competitive advantage for Klarna. The dedicated team of professionals protects privacy like no other in order to safeguard all those important to us.