Alexandra Tang

Obviously, it’s important that the product you create is great. But more importantly, I have fun at work and feel connected with my team.

Klarna engineering Alexandra Tang

Engineer and former graduate - By developing the shopping part of the Klarna app, we allow people to find what they search for. In fact, we even bring people things they didn’t know they needed yet.

My path.

Starting at Klarna was intense with so much to learn. I got support from my assigned "buddy" and my team. I also had the graduate program, which meant that I learned to navigate through the most important parts of Klarna’s systems. As the only graduate in my team, I was treated just as anyone else and received as challenging tasks as anyone. And as I finished the graduate program, I simply kept working in the team.

Working at Klarna.

Every team is autonomous with their own responsibilities. As we get challenges, it’s always up to us to decide how we solve them. The freedom to explore and learn what’s necessary has really boosted my career. Even though I started as a graduate, I’m encouraged to always speak up. I think that the team structure really allows for that.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

Right now I got the “Swedish classic circuit” on my mind. I need to finish four tough races in four different disciplines - cross country skiing, cycling, swimming and cross country running. And I’ve never even stood on a pair of skis before. As a person, I simply need to set clear objectives to thrive.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

Customer obsession. It’s not only about helping the end user. My colleagues and other teams around me also depend on my performance.

The best task of the day is ...

The daily standup, when you kick start the day together with your team and see what needs to be done.

I’d describe my team as...

A well-oiled machine with the ability to go through storms together.

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