Elin Abrahamsson

Leaders at Klarna are honest and straightforward. There ain’t much sugar coating.

Senior Product Manager - As a part of the Klarna Media Domain, I am enabling cross initiatives between teams outside and inside the domain.

My path.

At the age of 19 I started a retail store focusing on frames and art. One thing led to another, and I decided to study at Hyper Island before launching another startup. Sadly, we did not get the founding needed, but that also led me to the exciting opportunity at Klarna. Who would have known that a certified framer would end up in the tech world? I started in the middle of a big launch campaign in the U.S., where the Klarna app played a major part. I got into the heat immediately which was great for my internal networking and to get an overview of the company. Initially, I led a small team of three colleagues, which rapidly grew into the creation of 5 more teams. We also become a group within the App domain. I am now accountable lead for the group and also a part of the App domain’s leadership team.

Working at Klarna.

The mindset is to always try new ideas - if things don’t work, then try something different. Klarna is in a super interesting growth phase and being part of that is just thrilling.

What leadership is like.

I’d say that leaders at Klarna are honest and straightforward. There ain’t much sugar coating. What they also have in common is that they like speed and to drive impact. Another thing to have in mind is that everyone at Klarna is basically a leader. Every team caters for their own objectives, and they are usually cross functional meaning that people with different competences work tightly together. It’s great to see different people and nationalities come together and create awesome things.

3 takes on Klarna

One thing I wish I knew when joining Klarna is …

When we say things are moving fast, we actually mean it.

I’d describe my team as …

Open minded, super talented and eager to develop a better and better product. Also, they challenge me in a good way.

My best advice for new colleagues is …

Dare to challenge how things are done, and don’t read too many documents that are more than a month old.

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