Evelyn Stojanova.

At Klarna, I get the freedom to drive progress.

Klarna Analytics - Evelyn Stojanova

Analyst - I lead a team responsible for fraud prevention strategy on our card-based products and coordinating analytics in the Core Banking domain.

My path.

I was first hired as an analyst in the Fraud Detection team in 2017. The step was a bit of a shift for me - I was actually thinking to start work at an NGO or within the public sector at the time. But a friend of mine was working for Klarna and talked fondly of her experiences so I thought I’d try it out. I took to the role right away. I really enjoyed protecting our customers by preventing fraud for a safer shopping experience. After some time I moved into the Core Banking domain to work as an analyst on fraudulent behavior on the Klarna card. A few months later I was asked to become Analytics Lead in the domain to support budgeting and financials. And just 3 months after that, I became Accountable Lead for the Card Transaction Risk team. It was a quick progression of steps with a lot to take on but it has been challenging and fun from the start.

Working at Klarna.

I get the freedom that I need to drive progress and lead a team of talented people that are really nice too! Not just that, if you put a lot of hard work into your career aspirations, you get to choose your own career path. And develop in the direction that you find interesting, feel passionate about and where you can contribute the most.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

I feel unreasonably passionate about improving all types of situations for the better. I love to be curious and get the chance to explore. I love to learn new things and to have the freedom to drive change through efficiency, creativity, and positivity.

A day in my life.

Prepare for the day with a cup of coffee reviewing my upcoming tasks.Meet with other leads to discuss deliverables and updates.Check-in with my team about the day and how it went.
Meet with the team for our daily stand-up.Explore options on how we can improve our offering to our customers.Provide help and guidance where I am needed and plan the next day(s).
Finish with a team plank (2mins) to kick off the day right.Review our domain financials with our domain lead.Have a walk outside, listen to music, and cook something new.

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

Courage because I think in order to be truly successful as a leader and a colleague in any of our leadership principles, you need to be courageous and speak up.

The best task of the day is ..

when I can work together with smart people on finding a new solution or exploring a new product offering that creates value for our customers.

I’d describe my team as...

a bunch of smart, hard-working and, amazing humans that care about one another and deliver results in no time.

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