Hedvig Helmerson.

At Klarna, I take part in shaping the company’s development.

Klarna Legal Hedvig Helmerson

Senior Legal Counsel - I am responsible for the legal aspects of the Klarna Card in all jurisdictions where Klarna issues the Klarna Card.

My path.

I’ve worked at Klarna for a little less than half a year so no changes since joining - yet. Before joining, I worked as an associate at a UK based law firm and spent a year with one of the major Swedish banks. But one of the many things that attracted me to Klarna was the possibility to explore other parts of the Klarna ecosystem later on in my Klarna career. Three weeks into my time at Klarna I got to visit the London office to discuss a UK project and I could definitely see myself going there to work for some time in the future.

Working at Klarna.

I love that I have the chance to work beyond legal tasks - on a daily basis I work with developers, analysts, and marketers, and I’m constantly learning from them. Not only about their competence areas but also how law fits into their field of expertise, what happens when law is applied in practice and how it affects how a product is designed. Understanding how other competences work is helping me become a better lawyer. And because Klarna is still very much a company in the making, I feel that I’m able to take part in our development and products. There aren’t many companies where that’s possible!

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

Tennis! I only recently started playing but now I try to play as often as I can. Also working hard not to be the least tech-savvy person in my domain, but I'm more successful in my tennis career...

A day in my life.

Play tennis every Wednesday morning at 7 am!Team review with our domain support team to go through recent progress.Make time to hang out with my family and friends.
Participate in the domain delivery stand-up where the team leaders within my domain present the status of current deliveries.Lunch with a colleague from a different domain.Cooking, preferably fish.
Respond to emails that have come in during the night from US colleagues regarding upcoming launches.Negotiating agreements regarding new collaborations that the Klarna Card wants to do (e.g. with digital wallets, insurances, etc).Watching series!

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

Start small and learn fast because it encourages you to test new ideas and acknowledges that no idea is perfect from the start but if you test it, you can learn how it needs to be improved.

The best task of the day is ..

when I'm asked to participate in the forming of a new market strategy as it gives me a lot of room to form the product using legal argumentation and a new market always makes the group excited about our work.

I’d describe my team as...

devoted and fun! We are a mixed group of people who are all excited about working together and making the product even better.

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