Leslie Wittig Quintanilla.

There’s always something new to learn when you work with softwares.

Klarna engineering - Leslie Wittig Quintanilla

Lead Engineer - My team works to make the life of the developers easier by creating automation of boring tasks or systems to reduce the time to deliver softwares to production.

My path: relocating from Brazil to Sweden.

In 2015 my husband and I got the opportunity to apply for Klarna. We did the remote interviews and were surprised that Klarna liked us both and brought us to Stockholm. Klarna helped us with the bureaucracy, such as shipping our things from Brazil to Sweden, getting Swedish documents, bank accounts, health care, rent and so on. First I joined as a system engineer and AWS specialist, in the Decision Team in the Risk domain which is one of the engineering problem spaces at Klarna. After 2 years in the team, I got the opportunity to join the App Platform Foundation Team in the new Consumer domain, responsible for developing the new Klarna App. Last year I moved on to become an Accountable Lead to handle a multi-cloud strategy and pave the future of multi-cloud at Klarna. During my journey I got constant recognition and was eventually promoted to Lead Engineer.

Working at Klarna.

I got lucky to get good colleagues and leaders that supported and challenged me, helping me to grow in my career in the company. The leaders’ role is to help the teams to achieve their plan, unblocking the path when needed, rather than telling them what to do. Klarna has a fast paced environment and fun challenges, the type that only a financial company could give you. The engineering group has excellent professionals and super cool internal events. My favourite is The KonferenSE.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

3D printing. I got a 3D printer in 2016 and since then I have hosted more than 5 workshops on the subject in different places. Maybe you already saw me somewhere explaining the basic 3D printing concepts.

3 takes on Klarna.

I'd describe my team as …

Diverse and multi-skilled. Klarna likes to nourish diversity and openness.

Who I'd recommend joining Klarna ...

If you like to work in a dynamic place, this is your opportunity.

My best advice for new employees ...

Don't fear to raise concerns or challenge an idea.

Your success story starts here.