Luisa Emme.

At Klarna, there are lots of opportunities to exercise, put in practice, try, fail, and succeed.

Klarna Engineering Luisa Emme

Senior Engineer - I create and refine code for a seamless single integration to access any of Klarna's payment methods.

My path.

I had been working at Thoughtworks in Ecuador for almost 5 years when Klarna contacted me about changing course. I had become the Head of Technology having added leadership, management, and mentorship tasks to my coding specific work. Moving to Klarna meant relocating across the globe to Sweden. But I found a lot of support in my team, where we work with the Klarna Payments API. They’ve made adapting much easier for me, and while I’m still settling, it’s been an interesting journey so far. The next step is learning Swedish!

Working at Klarna.

I chose to join Klarna because it checked off the 3 things I was looking for - culture, challenges, and diversity. I wanted to work somewhere with a non-hierarchical mindset, somewhere with complex challenges to solve and team autonomy to achieve them, and somewhere that values diverse teams that create better and more interesting products. I’ve found all of those things continue to be true here. Plus, there are lots of opportunities to exercise, put in practice, try, fail, and succeed. Klarna moves really fast so the challenge is to keep pace.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

Animals, animals, animals! Besides coding, which is also one of my strongest passions, animal wellness is really close to my heart. With my passion for this topic combined with my passion for coding, I've been using my free time to work on some open-source tools to help animal protection organizations gather, process, and unleash the power of data and technology.

A day in my life.

Drink a cup of coffee.Drink a cup of coffee.Cook some dinner.
Review Pull Requests.Deploy, deploy, deploy.Play some video games (Mario kart, most probably).
Prepare for my team's stand up.Open a Pull Request.Read a book.

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

Let the team shine. All we do, we do in teams. Teamwork is therefore essential. Individualism is counterproductive in our work and I love that Klarna sees this as so important as to have one dedicated leadership principle for it.

The best task of the day is ..

the one that I don't know how to solve, yet.

I’d describe my team as...

a group of brilliant, empathetic, and funny to work with people who give their best on all they do but are always looking for ways to improve.

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