Mathilde Noble.

At Klarna, speak up about what you love and you’ll shape your career.

Klarna Solutions & Delivery Mathilde Noble

Delivery Associate - I coach and accompany our Klarna App teams in their software development journeys with cross-team collaboration, communication, and release execution.

My path.

Starting at Klarna in 2016 was my first full-time role after graduating. I started as a Business Analyst. A year later, I moved to a Data Engineer role, in the Business Intelligence domain of Klarna. And it didn’t take long before I became the acting AL of my team. I then had to decide if I wanted to continue growing as an engineer or as a manager. I was only 23 then, so Data Engineering felt less scary. Yet, after a few months, I realized that what really made me happy at work was people management and a constant change of scenery. Apparently, that’s what the Delivery Lead life is made of, so here I am, living the dream as a Delivery Lead!

Working at Klarna.

I joined Klarna with little to no office experience, so I was a bit confused about how to build a career. What I quickly learned at Klarna is that, whatever your experience is, you should always try to speak up about what you love working with - even if it is only a tiny part of your role. When you share this with people, no matter if it is only to that one colleague at the coffee machine, people will hear you, and start remembering you. Then, the day that amazing opportunity that fits what you love shows up, those people who heard about you, will think of you. This has been the main factor in shaping my career at Klarna so far. You just gotta keep making some (good) noise!

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

I always make sure people I work with are having a good time. This can be as simple as cracking a joke to brighten the mood, or throwing a smile, hoping it will ripple.

A day in my life.

Feed the cat and drink 2 cups of coffee.Follow-up project delivery statuses with my teams and colleagues via Slack.Go climbing with my friends, then chill in the gym sauna #NordicLife.
Check my calendar for upcoming activities in the day.Hold sessions for teams who need to execute planning, story mappings, retros, pre-read documentations, etc.Play some piano. Currently loving Rachmaninoff and Joe Hisaishi!
Once the coffee has kicked in, I lead a morning check-in with the App leads, and then join domain-wide stand-ups.Iterate on the best way to visualize and communicate team roadmaps.Put some order in the house. I have a passion for storing things in boxes.

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

Let the team shine - it fascinates me how much more productive and engaging people will act when they start feeling confident and appreciated!

The best task of the day is ..

holding retrospectives. The feeling of commitment and the level of inspiration people (hopefully) leave the room with always make me feel like my job is the coolest job ever.

I’d describe my team as...

a very diverse blend of 9 people, smart and driven. And then I also work closely with my fellow delivery leads who are incredibly knowledgeable on agile processes and know everything about Klarna. In other words, a pretty inspiring team.

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