Mia Cedervall.

At Klarna, if I’m bored, that’s on me.

Klarna Business Operations Manager - Mia Cedervall

Business Operations Manager - I shorten Klarna's time-to-market process by ensuring successful operational rollouts in new and developing markets.

My path.

I first applied to work at Klarna because it was one of the most interesting employers in Sweden. And it continues to be so. I started out as an HR specialist in 2015, working with compensation and benefits. But just a couple months in and I started to get involved in Global Mobility, which was the perfect combination of technical work and relating to people. I could handle immigration, social security, and tax while helping people move to the job of their dreams. In 2018, I relocated to Berlin for 1 year to help with relocation from the heart of our biggest market. My year in Berlin sparked a passion to take a bigger role in shaping Klarna’s future beyond one employee at a time. In mid-2019 I got involved in our expansions towards Australia and Italy, which led me to move into my current role on a full-time basis. And I’ve also become a Competence Lead so I now help others to develop in their careers, just as so many have helped me during these 5 years.

Working at Klarna.

I’ve never had a clear career plan, rather have I always known I want to move in the direction of my passions as I discover them. My aim when I joined Klarna was to seek and embrace a variety of experiences in order to fulfill my intellectual curiosity. More than five years after joining Klarna, I can honestly say that I haven't had a moment to be anything but wowed. In fact, if I ever were to be bored at Klarna, I know it’s my own fault. Being part of such an environment makes it a lot easier for me to perform my best.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

I tend to get caught up in things, everything from running marathons to climbing, heavy deadlifts, and long-distance cycling. Most often it involves nature and beautiful landscapes to satisfy my crave for mountains and the sea.

A day in my life.

Plan and prioritize my day while having the first of many cups of tea.Meeting with Competence Tactical to discuss the revised Competence Mastery for our competence.Workout in the gym to ensure my brain and body is in balance (challenging and utilizing my capacity).
Stand-up with my team to go through our deliverables and ensure we are aligned and making great progress.Set up a high-level time plan for the coming market launches.Dinner with my partner and friends.
Interviews and meeting with the Pipeline Support Group.Create an onboarding plan for one of my new competence reports.

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle are...

Customer obsession and Start small and learn fast. Customer obsession as it's so important in everything we do - it keeps us relevant, competitive, and forward-thinking. Start small and learn fast - because it simply is the best way to approach things and to just get started.

The best task of the day is ..

the weekly team retro when we gather our team to reflect upon our deliverables and teamwork during the past week in order to highlight achievements, strengths, and improvement areas.

I’d describe my team as...

a great combination of fun and brilliance. We are laser-focused on our deliverables and I would go for a drink with anyone of them outside of work.

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