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Klarna career path

Step off the straight line.

That’s what working here looks like. Klarna is made up of bold, curious, open, and quirky people who are all given the freedom to write their own role description. Encouraged to take an irregular career path. For some, this comes naturally. For others, it’s a work in progress. But one thing’s for sure – for people who are looking for more than a job, this will become home.

The 8 Klarna Principles.

Klarna is made up of people. Bold people. Curious people. Open people. Different people. Optimistic people. If you agree on these principals, there’s a good chance we will get along.

Here’s why everyone at Klarna is a leader.

Principle Customer obsession

Customer obsession

All Leaders have a cause – the customer. Leaders understand their customers and with absolute dedication, they ensure that serving the customer comes first. Leaders see the world from the customer’s perspective and have the foresight of their problems. They understand that to keep trust, the customer needs come above anything else.

Principle Deliver results

Deliver results

Leaders have no barriers to their output. They don’t hesitate, they don’t have excuses, they get on and deliver value, consistently. Leaders look beyond their own problem space and own their dependencies. They use their initiative and don’t shy away from delivering outside their normal responsibility. They consistently deliver value to their customers today, not tomorrow. They see the big picture and understand their responsibility long term.

Principle Let the team shine

Let the team shine

Leaders understand the value of leveraging differences and building on the strengths of others. They are open to new ideas, they listen. Leaders inspire a culture of inclusion and transparency. They lead by example with integrity, earning trust and respecting of others. They see feedback as an opportunity, not a threat, and are constantly looking to improve themselves and the team to reach beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Principle Challenge the status quo

Challenge the status quo

Leaders never miss an opportunity to disrupt, to revolutionize the industry. They challenge the status quo, confront their customers problems and find simple solutions, fast. They experiment and chase their curiosity by testing and adapting their ideas. They anticipate what is ahead by favoring feedback over perfection and continually learning by doing. That is why Leaders embrace change, iterate and innovate.

Principle Start small and learn fast

Start small and learn fast

Leaders start small and iterate their ideas. They test their ideas today so they can learn and improve tomorrow. They can make something out of nothing and understand that constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and innovation. They do more with less and understand that funding doesn’t start ideas, ideas start their funding.

Principle Hire and develop exceptional talent

Hire and develop exceptional talent

Leaders believe in the cause and hence don’t settle for adequacy. They choose, coach and fight to keep exceptional talent. They recognize others more talented than themselves and don’t hold them back. They take their responsibility for coaching seriously. They involve others, share knowledge and give feedback everyday. They understand that not everyone is a talent and they honestly and respectfully challenge this on a regular basis.

Principle Courage


Leaders are not afraid to take decisions. They are not afraid to fail. They know that nothing comes of waiting or hesitating and they step up and make the call. Even when it is difficult, awkward and uncomfortable they do and say what is best for Klarna and the customer. Leaders live by the mantra “what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”. They dare to disagree but commit. Trusting their instincts and knowledge they respectfully challenge but support with alternatives. Leaders know their opinions will not always be supported. They expect it. When it happens, they accept it and fully commit. But not speaking up is not an option.

Principle Detailed thinkers

Detailed thinkers

Leaders know that to be a disruptor in a competitive industry requires radical, detailed thinking. They are ambitious and communicate a daring direction that inspires results but they also love details and have a contagious desire for knowledge. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding Smoooth solutions. Nothing is impossible. They are a unique combination of ambitious, free-thinking with a meticulous eye for detail.

How to nail an interview at Klarna?

  • Get familiarized with the Eight Klarna Principles and what we stand for as an organisation.
  • Make us understand what motivates you to apply to Klarna. You should be able to tell us Why you are interested in the company and the role you have chosen.
  • Back up your experience with examples. We are interested in not only knowing what you have achieved, but how you have achieved it.

Don’t rush through your interview. Just take your time and be yourself.

How to nail your Klarna interview.

Career development.

If you are eager to grow and develop at Klarna, then the Klarna Performance Enablement Program will be your best tool. At Klarna employees are empowered to take ownership of their own development and career.

The Performance Enablement Program at Klarna will provide you with transparent tools and guidelines on how you can take your career to the next level. This program will require you to master the Klarna Leadership Principles and develop your competence in order to progress.

You will be expected to set and own your development goals and achieve them by continuously practicing your skills, asking for and providing feedback on your performance and finally by taking a step back to reflect on your work and by further challenging yourself.

Klarnauts work to drive their own progress for success!

Find your next career at Klarna.