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Your deposit is protected under the Swedish state deposit insurance.*

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*The account is covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office. The maximum compensation to each customer is 1.050.000 SEK and the National Debt Office will make the compensation available for payment within 7 business days of the date the right to compensation commenced. Read more.

Our fixed-term interest rates.

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Lock in for 6 months
1,65% yearly interest
Lock in for 12 months
2,76% yearly interest
Lock in for 24 months
2,67% yearly interest
Lock in for 36 months
2,67% yearly interest
Lock in for 48 months
2,82% yearly interest

5 easy steps to safe, secure investing.

Deposit protection for your fixed deposit.

Your deposits are insured by the state deposit insurance of the country where the bank is based. Klarna Bank AB (publ) is covered under this directive as a Swedish credit institution by the Swedish Individual Deposit Insurance Scheme. More information about the Swedish deposit insurance (in English) can be found here.

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