Klarna Money Manager

Klarna Money Manager.

Personal finance tools that get you mindful about your money.

Money in. Money out. Money managed.

Clear overview.

In one glance, see what you have, what you’ve spent, and what you’ve saved—so nothing gets past you.

Financial controls.

Set a monthly budget, and track your spending easily with automatically categorized transactions.

Understand expenses.

Dig deeper with monthly spending breakdowns to see how and where you spend your money.

Money Manager PFM

What was your money doing in 2022?

The Money Story is an inside look into how and where you spent your money over the last year. By understanding your finances from 2022, you can get better control over them in 2023—whether it’s setting a budget, starting a savings habit, or continuing your financial habits.

Klarna Money Manager

Sit back and enjoy the overview.

Understand what you're doing with your money with the Financial Overview. Track your balance, what you spend, and save with a glance. Have a Klarna Card? That's in there. Got a Klarna Bank Account? Watch its ins and outs. It's all in your app’s Money tab.

Klarna Money Manager

Break down your spending.

Zoom in on your money’s movements with the Spending Breakdown.

  1. Get monthly breakdowns of your incoming and outgoing transactions.

  2. See monthly expenses broken down into categories.

  3. View automatically categorized transactions to track your spendings at a glance.

  4. Want to go deeper? Tap on a category and see individual transactions and their details.

Klarna Money Manager PFM

Ready, set, budget!

In just a few taps, set a personal limit on your Klarna spending to help you stay within your budget. Watch your progress with an easy-to-read bar indicator to monitor your expenses, and manage them.

Klarna Money Manager PFM

All your balances in a blink.

One glance at your Quick Balances in the Klarna Financial Overview tells you what you have, what you owe, and what you’ve saved with Klarna.

Klarna Bankkonto

Klarna Money Manager

Manage all your money, all in one app.

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