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Save with Klarna.

Want the best rates? Follow app sign-up and get Klarna Locked Savings.

Lock in our best rates.

Best rates in the app.

Start with a fixed term that works for you, then lock in your money at our best interest rates.

Choose your way to save.

Open your Klarna Locked Savings account in the Klarna app, or choose the classic fixed-deposit account with mail-in form and Postident. Save the way that suits you—without account maintenance fees.

A safe place to save.

Your deposits are covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme. That means your deposits are protected up to 1.050.000 SEK or more*.

*The account is covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office. The maximum compensation to each customer is 1.050.000 SEK and the National Debt Office will make the compensation available for payment within 7 business days of the date the right to compensation commenced. Read more.

Gute Zinsen, hohe Renditen, wenig Aufwand.

Choose a term and interest rate that works with you.

Open a Klarna Locked Savings account in the Klarna app to get our best rates. Or choose the classic fixed-term deposit account with mail-in form and Postident.
Save the way that suits you—without account management fees.


Klarna Locked Savings

Klarna fixed-term savings

Sign up

In the Klarna app

With an online application form

ID verification process

In the Klarna app

In person at your local post office

Account management

In the Klarna app

Via phone (customer hotline) and email

Customer support


From 1 € - 500,000 € per account

From 5000 € - 500,000 € per account

Lock in for 6 months

3,75% yearly interest

3,67% yearly interest

Lock in for 12 months

4,18% yearly interest

4,10% yearly interest

Lock in for 18 months

4,06% yearly interest


Lock in for 24 months

4,01% yearly interest

3,93% yearly interest

Lock in for 36 months

3,96% yearly interest

3,88% yearly interest

Lock in for 48 months

3,91% yearly interest

3,83% yearly interest

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Have questions about saving with Klarna?

Klarna offers two savings accounts, the Klarna Locked Savings (Festgeld+) account available in the Klarna app and the classic fixed-term savings account (Festgeld). To make your customer service experience the best, we have a bespoke customer service team for each type of account. You can find the contact information for each account type below.

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Now start saving!

Choose the option that works for you, lock in a great rate, and sit back and watch your money get to work.

Questions? Here come the answers.

Klarna Festgeld is our legacy fixed-term savings account. It is available with web sign-up and customer service (hotline, email).
Klarna Locked Savings is our most recent savings offering integrated in the Klarna app.
The current daily interest rates for both accounts can be found above.

Klarna’s legacy fixed-term savings accounts can only be opened by mail-in registration. If you are a new customer, you must also confirm your identity at a Deutsche Post branch with Postident.

If you choose a Klarna Locked Savings account, you can open your account in the Klarna app. To do so, tap on the “Bank & Card” tab and start by opening a Klarna Bank Account. It takes only a few minutes to confirm your identity within the Klarna app. Finally add some funds to your Klarna Bank Account and then open a Klarna Locked Savings account.

You can check the status and timeline of Klarna Locked Savings at any time in the Klarna app without contacting customer service.

Postident is personal identification verification at the Deutsche Post and is mandatory for opening a savings account. It is required for the legacy fixed-term savings account. New Klarna Locked Savings holders can verify their identity in the Klarna app.

Klarna Locked Savings is only available with a Klarna Bank Account.
However our legacy fixed-term savings account (mail-in application, Postident) can be opened without a Klarna Bank Account.

There are no fees for opening or managing a Klarna Locked Savings or the legacy fixed-term savings account. There is also no charge for transfers from a reference account or deleting an account.

If you have a Klarna Festgeld+ account, the easiest way to submit your tax exemption order is with the Klarna app. You can find it in your Klarna Bank Account settings. You can also submit exemption orders using our PDF form

For Klarna Festgeld, taxes are not automatically deducted. As a depositor, you are obliged to report the capital gains to the German tax office and to pay taxes on them.

Please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team if you have more questions about tax exemption orders.

We want to highlight Festgeld+ as our latest savings account. It offers a seamless experience with full account visibility, ID verification, and customer support directly in the app.

*More information about the deposit guarantee scheme Klarna Locked Savings.
*More information about the deposit guarantee scheme Klarna fixed-deposit savings.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions here

Read more about the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme here

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