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Klarna Locked Savings.

Let your money make money. Right in the Klarna app.

Unlock high yield savings with Klarna Locked Savings.

Pretty nice interest rates.

Find a fixed term that works for you. Then lock in your money at a high interest rate.

Easy sign-up in the app.

Easy to use. Easy to save. Oh, and no account management fees.

Lock it up safely.

Get deposit insurance up to 100.000 € or more* to save with certainty.

*The account is covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme in accordance with a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office. The maximum compensation to each customer is 100.000 € and the National Debt Office will make the compensation available for payment within 7 business days of the date the right to compensation commenced. Read more.

High returns with low effort.

Klarna Locked Savings offers maximum savings with minimal work.

  • Choose from several terms, set aside as little as 1€ and up to 500,000€, then start saving from the get-go.
  • Check your balance and manage your savings anywhere, anytime, from the Klarna app.
  • So, sit back and let your money work for you — you earned it.

Klarna Locked Savings has terms that work for you.

Save on your terms and grow your money with these interest rates. Then, stay on top of your finances with a real-time overview in the Klarna app.

Lock in for 6 months
1,65% yearly interest
Lock in for 12 months
2,48% yearly interest
Lock in for 24 months
2,67% yearly interest
Lock in for 36 months
2,67% yearly interest
Lock in for 48 months
2,82% yearly interest

Saving without straining.

Save your money while saving time and effort.

  1. Sign-up is simple: Open a Klarna Bank Account in minutes.
  2. Transfer money from an existing account.
  3. Add it to your Klarna Locked Savings account and start saving with a few taps.

There are no papers to print and sign. No long wait to verify your ID at the post office. And checking your savings balance is easy - just go to your Klarna app.

Your money is safe and secure.

Klarna Locked Savings offers some of the highest available interest rates without skimping on security:

  • Activate biometric log-ins for heightened security
  • Reach customer support anytime in the Klarna app
  • Deposits insured up to 100.000 € or more* by the Swedish Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Your money and data are safe when you bank with us.

Your personal financial sidekick.

Your Klarna Locked Savings includes a Klarna Bank Account. This allows you to:

  • Move money instantly
  • Make online payments
  • See a real-time overview of your finances
  • Get 2 free ATM withdrawals a month

All that with no monthly running charges. It also makes managing your money effortless with intuitive controls for budgeting, analyzing, and tracking your spending. You're always on top of your finances and can build a surplus to stash in your Locked Savings account.

Questions about Klarna Locked Savings?

Have questions about Klarna Locked Savings?

Klarna Locked Savings.

Pretty nice interest rates.