Future-proof integration.

We have upgraded our technical platform to make online sales even smooother than before.

This means that there is a new version of your current Klarna solution, and it’s time for you to upgrade. By doing so, your store will be equipped to receive the latest improvements and new features. You’ll be ready for the future to come.

By upgrading to the new Klarna solution, you’ll get access to several tools that aren’t available anywhere else, including instant shopping buttons and business intelligence inside our Merchant Portal. You’ll also get exclusive access to all the upcoming features that Klarna develops.

The platform enables us to update and add features to the checkout without any down time or the need for you to manually update your solution. Ever!

Start accepting payments from global customers around the world through a single integration.

Keep your current agreement, along with same price settings*. No hassle, just smoooth.

* If you upgrade your existing Klarna Checkout to Klarna Checkout v3 or if you upgrade your existing Klarna Payment Method to Klarna Payments.

What’s in it for you?

What’s so good about the new version? The answer: the following things, and much more.

Instant shopping

Instant shopping buttons are checkouts you can put anywhere on product pages, influencer blogs, and soon, social media pages. Easily integrate a one-click purchase experience.

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Smart insights

Access to the Insights app in our Merchant Portal, you’ll find up-to-date insights about your sales performance, customer demographics, and other valuable insights.

Advertising Service

Access to fresh Klarna-branded advertising assets. Let your customers know what their financing and payment options are before they enter the checkout. This will boost your average basket amount, and increase conversion.

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Shipping service

Klarna Shipping Service collects and dynamically displays all available shipping methods in a simple but informative way.

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Increased speed

More flexible architecture allows our new checkout to deliver more features faster. That means more upgrades and better performance that don’t require you to do anything.

How do I upgrade?

Get in touch with Klarna’s sales department or your contact at Klarna, we will guide you through the process. Here are the common FAQs.
If you use Merchant Portal or Klarna Online, we will gradually start to launch a self-service wizard which will let you upgrade without manual intervention from us.
You can find all the integration guides and API documents for Klarna Checkout here and for Klarna Payments here.

Why should you upgrade?

All future enhancements will happen on the new integration while our older versions in the long run will no longer be supported.

When Outnorth changed to Klarna Checkout their conversion increased.

Outnorth is a leading onlineplayer within the outdoor segment in the Nordics with a turnover of 530 mSEK in 2018. Their goal is to get more people to spend time outdoors. They sell globally with regional websites in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

We’ve been working with Klarna for one and a half year. We decided to go for Klarna to get a smoother back-office routine, a partner that want to grow in the same pace as we do, and to increase our conversion rate. Klarna and Outnorth share the vision of constantly improving the customer experience, and we feel that Klarna is engaged in our ideas and suggestions. In regards to the most important objective; to increase our conversion rate, Klarna has been a cornerstone in the work of increasing our mobile conversion with 25 %.

Ola Fors, Online Store Manager at Outnorth

Klarna Checkout

Upon its launch in 2012, Klarna Checkout was the first complete checkout solution within the e-commerce industry.

It has left an indisputable impact on fintech worldwide. Since launch, Klarna Checkout has fundamentally altered expectations of how online shopping should work. These days, one rule applies: it should be smoooth.

As the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and fintech continue to expand, the Klarna Checkout needs to evolve with the future in mind. That’s why we are proud to present our latest version of Klarna Checkout.

Designed to lead online shoppers across the globe into a smooth future, the new Klarna Checkout is built on an improved technical platform, providing new features for merchants, and a more streamlined experience for shoppers.

In addition you’ll get..

Global Payments

One simple integration gives you access to 168 markets. Sell globally while at the same time providing a local experience in all Klarna’s primary markets. To access our global solution, contact your regional Klarna sales department when your upgrade is complete. The transaction fee for global is 2,79% + 0,35 € within EEA and 4,99% + 0,35 € outside of EEA.

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Better checkout. Same pricing.

Keep your price settings while getting the latest version filled with new features and tools, just for you.

Klarna Payments

In 2005, we launched our first pay after delivery-solution, called Klarna Payment Method. It has lived a long and successful life, but it is time to take things to the next level. We are therefore proud to present a faster, safer, and better solution: Klarna Payments.

Developed with the future in mind, Klarna Payments has been created to replace the old Klarna Payment Method. It is designed to provide shoppers across the globe with the most user friendly experience possible.

By upgrading to the New Klarna solution, you’ll get access to two payment options; Pay Later, and Slice it. You can choose to have both, or pick your preferred choice.

In the long run, we will stop supporting the old solution. Which is why we strongly recommend that you upgrade your solution to Klarna Payments. You will not regret it!

In addition you’ll get..

One integration

One simple integration gives you access to any Klarna Payment method you want. Choose between Pay Later and Slice it, or why not both of them?

Subscription and recurring

Offer recurring payments, subscriptions and on-demand services with Pay later for both digital and physical. Services or goods, your choice. To access this feature, contact your regional Klarna sales department when your upgrade is complete.

Prefill Service

Give your customers a full prefill experience when they checkout with Klarna. Prefilled details increases conversion.

Access new markets

Start selling with Klarna in United Kingdom and North America. Also, all new markets Klarna will add in the future.