How are fees calculated?

Fees are part of your contract, and they are usually deducted from the payouts made by Klarna. In very rare cases, fees can be applied to refunds (such as late return fees). Fees are summarized under ‘Fee’ in the payout/settlement reports.

If you want a more detailed description of fee types, you can add them in your reports. In the Merchant portal, go to Settlement reports > Configure reports > Add new configuration, and add the sections you want to see in your reports. For CSV reports, you need to include the ‘Detailed transaction type’ field. And for .pdf reports, check the ‘Include order details’ box. if you have multiple merchant IDs or channels (SFTP/Merchant portal and API), you’ll need to set the report configurations for each one.

Good to know: if you use an older version of Klarna, we’ll only deduct the transaction fees from the payouts. Other fees will be gathered on an invoice that is sent separately. Contact our Merchant support if you want all fees to be gathered on a single invoice instead of being deducted from the payouts.

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