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Where can I get information about my payout?

The Settlements section in the Merchant portal gives you an overview of all your payouts. There you can download .pdf and CSV reports with transactions included in each payout. You can also click on a specific payment reference to view or download a list of all transactions included in that payout.

Transaction reports
These reports can be created in the Merchant portal based on a payout period or on a capture/refund period.

For example, if you need an overview of all your transactions in one payout period (this can be one or multiple calendar months), go to Settlements in the Merchant portal, and select the payout period by adjusting ‘Filter by date’ field under Settlement reports. Your overview will contain all payouts made to you by Klarna for the selected period. You can download the summary report as a .pdf or CSV.

If you want your reports to include all orders captured/refunded in one calendar month, go to Custom reports under Settlements.

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