Has my payment been received?

Wait 3 days before checking if your payment made in the app has been registered. To confirm receipt of your payment or to track your payment status log in to the app.

We will always send email confirmation for all payments received, but download our app for notifications and payment status updates in real-time.

I paid by manual bank transfer

Payments made by manual transfer take a few days to process.

If you paid the invoice manually, you might receive a payment reminder while your payment is processing. This sometimes happens if you’ve made a payment close to the due date – if you’ve already paid you can ignore the reminder.

  • The amount has been withdrawn from your bank account
  • The payee is Klarna and the submitted payment information is correct
  • Check you didn’t mistakenly pay the store directly. If so, contact the store for a refund because your Klarna invoice will remain pending and must be paid.

If after 3 days your withdrawn payment has not been processed please let us know:

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Select the purchase you’ve paid
  3. Tap Report a problem and select Payment not registered and follow the prompts to pause your invoice

Please keep proof of your payment, such as a screenshot or the payment reference number. You will receive an email from us whilst your invoice is paused. Log in to the app for payment information and updates about your reported problem.


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