What is the CO2 calculation displayed in the app and how is it calculated?

Greenhouse gas emissions, including C02, N2O, and methane are the leading cause of climate change. Almost everything we buy causes these gases to be emitted when it’s produced and shipped. The CO2 calculations displayed in the app show the estimated emissions for your order.

We display this information because we believe unbiased carbon emission information should be as easily accessible as nutrition information for food. That’s why we’ve decided to make this available to all consumers at no cost nor judgment. We hope that this can be the first step to help drive awareness around climate change. With this tool, you can make informed decisions, so combating climate change can be as smoooth as shopping.

How are the CO2 emissions calculated?
The carbon footprint calculation is performed by Doconomy, using the Åland Index. The Åland Index calculates the impact of consumption measured in CO2 based on the average carbon footprint of the industry, from which the purchase is made. We’re still learning, so these calculations will become more exact with time. Right now we can tell whether you have been to the florist or the dentist, but not whether you bought roses or tulips. This means that the toll can’t show you the exact footprint of your consumption, but it will give you a general idea of how your Klarna shopping impacts your carbon footprint.

Who is Doconomy?
Klarna is working with Doconomy to bring CO2 insights to every purchase made with us. All so that our consumers can keep track of their carbon footprint when shopping. Doconomy was founded in Sweden in 2018 and provides digital solutions to help track and measure everyone’s individual carbon footprint. Their Åland Index impact calculations cover 99% of the global market cap, through a unique partnership with Trucost, a part of S&P.

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