Eikö tilaus vastannut odotuksiasi?

Ostajan turvan tavoitteena on, että voit tuntea olosi turvalliseksi tehdessäsi ostoksia Klarnalla. Jos et saa ostamaasi tuotetta tai se ei vastaa odotuksiasi, sinun ei luonnollisestikaan tarvitse maksaa sitä vaan autamme sinua turvaamaan oikeutesi.

Näin helppoa se on

  1. Ota yhteys verkkokauppaan ja yritä ratkaista asia heidän kanssaan.
  2. Kirjaudu sisään osoitteessa klarna.fi ja siirrä laskun eräpäivää 10 päivää eteenpäin.
  3. Mikäli asia ei ratkea muutamassa päivässä, otathan yhteyttä asiakaspalveluumme. Yhteystietomme löydät täältä.


Näin se toimii

Klarna offers you buyers protection. This means that you as a company/buyer can feel safe when shopping in e-stores, who co-operate with Klarna. If you face problems, you can always turn to us. We also handle personal information with highest information security level through entire purchasing process. Buyer protection applies to all purchases made with Klarna, regardless of the e-store or payment method.

If your order does not arrive

Delayed delivery? Do this:

  1. Check once more, if you received notice of arrival.
  2. If you chose to pay with invoice, you can move due date 10 days ahead by contacting our customer service.
  3. If new due date is approaching and you still have not received your order, please contact e-store from which purchase was made. Check with them whether the order was sent.
  4. If your errand is not resolved after this, contact our customer service. We will help you to find out what happened to your purchase.


If your order is defective

When paying with invoice, you can pay after delivery. This means you can leisurely check products before paying them. If you notice the product is defective, do this:

  1. Contact our customer service in order to move due date.
  2. Discuss with merchant and try to resolve errand with them.
  3. Contact our customer service, if your errand is not resolved before new due date.

To avoid reminder fee, please notify us about the situation as soon as possible.

If you paid?

If you paid your order before delivery or before you noticed it was defective, do this:

  1. Discuss with merchant and try to resolve errand with them.
  2. In case you can´t resolve the errand with merchant, contact our customer service and we will help you.


Klarna’s buyer protection in relation to e-store’s own practice

Often e-stores follow our recommendations. However, we can´t promise on their behalf that an e-store would not independently demand payment in situation in which Klarna regards no obligation to pay. This can happen for example after an errand between customer and merchant, when Klarna moves receivables back to e-store. If such an errand shall be The Consumer Disputes Board or court ruling and recommendation/order is positive for e-store, they can move receivables back to Klarna.

Klarna’s buyer protection in relation to applicative law or to another payment service providers

Please note, that buyers protection does not affect statutory rights of company/consumer. Also it does not affect on the contract with another payment service provider.