Can I pay earlier or later?

Sometimes you might need more time to pay or want to make an earlier payment. Depending on the payment method you’ve chosen when making the purchase, you might have the option to change the due date for a fee to pay later or to pay earlier for free.
Just log in and select the purchase you would like to pay later or earlier and see if these options are available for that purchase. If none of these options are available, then it is not possible to change the date or pay earlier.

Follow the steps below to make an earlier payment or change the due date:

  • Log in.
  • Select My Klarna to find the option to view your Purchases or all your Payments
  • Choose the purchase you want to pay earlier or later
    • If the payment options Pay early or Pay now are available for that purchase just follow the prompts to pay earlier
    • If the payment option Snooze is available just follow the prompts to change the due date for a fee to pay later

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