Klarna's Organisation.

Klarna’s accountable organisation is divided across nearly 300 teams. Every person at Klarna belongs to a team. Each team owns a specific subset problem space, aligned with Klarna’s overall objectives. Teams are grouped into domains. Domains are constructed to own a larger but still subset of the overall offering Klarna provides to our consumers. All domains are led by a domain lead who reports to a CXO. Each CXO reports to the CEO and the CEO reports to the Board. There are also three independent control functions outside of the domains: Risk Control, Compliance and Internal Audit. Risk Control and Compliance are both directly subordinated to the CEO and also report directly to the Board. Internal audit, which reports directly to the Board, has been outsourced to an external party.

Klarna’s competence organisation is divided into 15 different competences. Every person at Klarna belongs to the competence organisation and each competence reports to a competence owner.