Stop Request FAQ.

Why does Klarna want me to stop the order?

We perform automatic credit assessments on every incoming order. Some orders are approved on the first credit assessment but are identified as risks shortly thereafter and flagged for manual control by our Security Department. When we’ve identified a risk, we contact you and ask you to stop the delivery. We want to point out that the risk is connected to the specific order and not the person.

Due to confidentiality reasons we can only give the reason behind our decision to the person stated on the order. If the consumer contacts you and has questions concerning this, please refer them to Klarna’s Customer Service who will ensure the consumer is identified and that we are speaking to the right person. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

We strive to ensure that our assessments are as reliable as possible, if however we are unsure about an assessment we contact the consumer for additional information and verification before we send you a Stop request.

Will you contact the consumer when an order has been stopped?

Yes, we will communicate this, provided you have confirmed you were able to stop the delivery. On rare occasions, however, we may choose not to contact the purchaser if there is a risk we are unable to identify with whom we are communicating.

The order the stop request relates to is a type of service, not physical goods. How should I state it on the form?

We want to make you aware of any orders that may have an increased risk, enabling you to deny the use of the service and sending invoices. If you are able to discontinue a service and cancel an invoice please use the form to confirm the order is stopped. If you are unable to discontinue the service, please use the option “The order has already been shipped but no tracking ID has been assigned to the order.” and we will await a consumer dispute.

I managed to stop the delivery. What should I do now?

Once the order is stopped please cancel the corresponding invoice and confirm that the order is stopped in our Stop request form.

The order has already been shipped. What will happen now?

Use the form to notify us which logistics company was used for the shipping and of the corresponding tracking ID, regardless of whether the consumer has collected the package or not. We may be able to recall the package on your behalf if the order was shipped via PostNord AB or Schenker Privpak. If the order was shipped with any other logistics company, the responsibility of recalling it lies with you.

If the requirements within our fraud-/shipping policy have been met Klarna will be liable for the order from a risk standpoint. Your agreement with Klarna will tell you whether to apply the fraud- or the shipping policy. If a parcel is shipped without a tracking number you could be in breach of these policies. In such instances liability may no longer lie with Klarna and an investigation may be opened; either when the customer disputes an order or if the order remains unpaid having gone through the dunning chain.

What happens after I have informed Klarna about the status of the delivery?

If the customer contacts us to dispute the order we will investigate the matter using the information provided in the Stop Request form. We will also contact you again via email to ask for more details. We will furthermore support both the consumer and, when/if a police report has been filed, the police.

If the consumer does not contact us to dispute the order we will continue the invoice dunning as normal.

The parcel has been returned. What should I do now?

Register the returned order as a regular return in either Klarna Online or in your own order handling system.

There is a return post on my accounting slip for a transaction Klarna reported to be fraudulent – why?

There are two possibilities: If you have met the requirements of our fraud-/shipping policy we will withdraw the full amount, which will be shown as a return post, and at the same time, pay out for the order excluding VAT. The return and the payout are stated on separate rows and are specified as “Return (fraud)” and “Fraud policy”.

If you, however, breached the fraud-/shipping policy the liability of the transaction will be reversed back to you and therefore a full return post will be seen on the accounting slip.

Why does Klarna send a link to an online form instead of a regular e-mail?

In order to efficiently process incoming information we use an online form. The form provides a comprehensive overview which allows us to prioritize, expedite and reduce problematic risks.

I’ve received additional information concerning a stop requested order – who should I turn to?

Please contact Merchant Support who will forward your feedback and information to the correct department.

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