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Klarna + Magento = Smoooth.

Klarna Payments is one of the Magento Commerce vendor bundled extensions. Here you can find answers about what that means and how merchants will benefit.

A vendor bundled extension (VBE) is a Magento technology partner extension that is distributed with the Magento Commerce 2 distribution.

Klarna Payments on the Magento Commerce 2 platform.

No, currently only Klarna Payments is offered as a vendor bundled extension. You can find our Klarna Checkout supported solution at the Magento Commerce Marketplace at: https://marketplace.magento.com/klarna-m2-checkout.html

Payment methods are available across 13 markets: AT, AU, CH, CA, DE, DK, FI, NL, NO, NZ, SE, UK, US.

Find more information about the Klarna payment methods available by market at: klarna.com/business

  • Magento Commerce v2.3 or higher.

  • PHP version 5.6, 7.0, or 7.1

  • Klarna Account, here you’ll find test credentials.

It simplifies the on-boarding process for Magento Commerce merchants with easy setup and configuration within the Magento admin. It enables Magento Commerce to distribute updates and bug fixes with regular releases of the core Magento code. It is lower maintenance for merchants and provides them with the reassurance that the extension has been reviewed and tested by Magento Engineers. The merchant can do Klarna post order management within the Magento Admin Panel.

Yes, you can find it here for Klarna Payments.

Klarna Payments is only available as a vendor bundled extension on Magento Commerce 2.

The Klarna Payments vendor bundled extension supports post order processing through the standard Magneto functions:

  1. Cancel an order

  2. Full and partial capture of payment on an invoice

  3. Full and partial refund of payment on a credit memo

The payment methods are configured through the Klarna systems and tied to your Klarna merchant credentials (MID). All payment methods configured will be automatically displayed via the integration upon entering the checkout. No additional setup necessary! If you are not seeing a payment method, please contact your Klarna account manager or Klarna merchant services for support.

Klarna has not verified the Klarna Payments VBE with any One Step Checkout extensions. However, Klarna Payments VBE is fully aligned to the architectural structure and standards of Magento Commerce 2. Any extension that also aligns to the Magento Commerce architectural structure and standards should function with Klarna Payments.

Simple comparable transaction fees. Klarna’s rates are designed to be near or below what merchants are paying for V/MC Card-not-present reward cards or AMEX (especially when considering other issuers chargeback expenses and other related fees).

With Klarna Payments merchants can choose all relevant payment methods, like invoice, installments (flexible and fixed), direct debit and bank transfer they want to offer to their customers. And no matter what, payouts to the merchant are guaranteed.

Payouts are made weekly for German merchants and merchants in all other markets will receive payment within 2 weeks after the consumer’s purchase.

  1. Get credentials from Klarna.

  2. Here you’ll find test credentials.

  3. Install Magento Commerce 2 (2.2.4 or greater) to take advantage of the Klarna vendor bundled extension

  4. Configure Klarna by following the details provided here