Upgrade your Checkout.

We are proud to present: Klarna Checkout (KCO) v3. In October 2020, we will stop supporting Klarna Checkout (KCO) v2 and you will no longer be able to process transactions after this period.

What’s in it for me?

Keep your current KCO agreement, along with same price settings. All you have to do is to upgrade your integration and continue with business as usual.

Better checkout. Same pricing.

Keep your price settings while getting a more flexible architecture that’s filled with new features and tools, just for you.

You'll now have access to...

The Klarna Checkout v3 integration enables us to update and add features to your checkout without any downtime. Here are new features that you can add to upgrade your store.

Global Payments

One integration gives you access to 190 markets. Sell globally while providing a local experience in all Klarna’s primary markets. Contact your regional Klarna sales department to learn more.

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Instant shopping

Launch an instant checkout anywhere with our one-click experience. Place our user-friendly button on any physical or digital content to create an express lane to higher sales.

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On-site messaging

Let your customers know what their financing and payment options are before they enter the checkout. Boost your average basket amount and increase conversion.

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Shipping service

Give your customers the power to choose their delivery experience. Stay in control with your shipping rules and our user-friendly design.

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How the upgrade works

What do you need to do?

We really value working with you, so we strongly encourage you to update your integration and keep your business future-proof.
Remember, we always have your back. There are multiple ways to update:

  1. Get in touch with your contact at Klarna, we will guide you through the update process. Here are the common FAQs.
  2. If you use Merchant Portal or Klarna Online, we have launched a self-service tool which will let you upgrade without manual intervention from us.
  3. Looking for more information? You can find all the integration guides and API documentation for Klarna Checkout v3 here.
Having trouble?

Have you integrated Klarna through one of our platform partners?
Contact your platform representative for first hand support in any questions related to migrating your solution.

Do you have a direct integration with Klarna?
Please get in contact with our dedicated support team at product-upgrade-support@klarna.com.

Do you have a Klarna Payment Method integration? Go to this page to find out more.

Outnorth changed to Klarna Checkout (v3)

Outnorth is a leading onlineplayer within the outdoor segment. They sell globally with regional websites in The Nordics and Germany.

We decided to go for Klarna to get a smoother back-office routine, a partner that wants to grow at the same pace, and to increase our conversion rate. In regards to the most important objective; to increase our conversion rate, Klarna has been a cornerstone in the work of increasing our mobile conversion by 25%.

Outnorth logo

Ola Fors, Online Store Manager at Outnorth